Repair Your Appliance & Don't Be Held Back by the Supply Chain

Repair Your Appliance & Don't Be Held Back by the Supply Chain

When household appliances break down, you may be tempted to purchase a brand new replacement. But when supply chains are backed up, this is an inconvenient and troubling situation to be in. COVID-19 has disrupted the supply chain by causing operations to be slowed and shut down. This has resulted in slower production of home appliances and shipping delays when appliances are ordered. In these situations - depending on the malfunctioning appliance - your food could spoil, remain raw, or you could live in squalor with unwashed clothes.

Instead of waiting months for new kitchen appliances, Bailey Appliance can assist you in repairing your areas of need, saving you time and money.



If your dryer vent is busted, you could be at risk of a fire. These vents release the scorching heat that dries your clothes, so if it malfunctions it can cause an extreme safety hazard. As lint builds up in the ductwork of the vent, it becomes more flammable and your safety becomes compromised.

To ensure your safety, Bailey Appliance Repair and Installation can provide routine maintenance with dryer vent repairs. Because broken ventilation is so hazardous, it is best to call us for repairs instead of waiting for a replacement in a time when supply chains and delivery are fickle.


Washing Machines

When washing machines give out, it can be difficult to adjust to hand-washing your clothes. Waiting prolonged periods of time for a new replacement can lead to too much work for yourself as you go through this tiresome process. So Bailey’s appliance repair team can help you by fixing not just your machine but by returning you to an easier washing routine too.



Broken stoves can screw up your diet and make you resort to different meal plans. If supply chains are so backed up that you have to live with a malfunctioning stove, you won’t be able to cook your food. With Bailey Appliance Repair, technicians can help provide services that you can trust so you can sit back and enjoy cooked food again.



On the opposite side of the spectrum from broken stoves are halted refrigerators that are no longer keeping your food cool. No one wants a broken fridge and the spoiled food that comes with them. At Bailey Appliance Repair and Installation, we recognize this and are always ready to help you and your meals in a time of crisis. Don’t wait for a new fridge to be delivered, call us to maintain the fridge you already own.

Calling Bailey Appliance Repair and Installation for maintenance and appliance repair will help you avoid the inconvenience of backed-up supply chains. Whether you need your dryer vent and washing machine looked at in your laundry room or you need your fridge fixed and a stove repair in your Queens kitchen, we can help. Visit us at 510 Woodward Avenue or call us at (347) 707-8858 if you need urgent repair assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need help or have questions!