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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Appliance Installation in NYC

The Benefits of Professional Appliance Installation

Regardless of whether you’re replacing an existing appliance in your home or you’ve purchased a brand new appliance, there are several benefits to hiring a licensed professional to handle the installation for you. While installing an oven or a dishwasher may seem like a simple enough process on the surface, there are actually several moving pieces and potentially hazardous circumstances that could get a do-it-yourselfer in trouble. When installations aren’t done properly by a trained technician, you could be putting yourself and your family in harm’s way, be tackling a project that is more physically strenuous than you anticipated, and you could end up spending far too much time on the project.

When you hire a professional appliance installation team in New York City, we can ensure that your appliances are installed safely and quickly and that they are operating at their peak performance when all is said and done.

What’s the Worst That Could Go Wrong?

Unlike smaller appliances, like a toaster or air-fryer, there’s more to larger household appliance installation than simply taking it out of the box and plugging it in. For instance, the installation of a new dishwasher requires specific plumbing hook-ups, and your new stove needs particular electrical connections which may or may not be immediately obvious depending on your kitchen. When an appliance like a dishwasher is improperly installed, it can result in a major leak, which in turn means having to deal with potentially costly water damage (believe us, we’ve seen the aftermath several times.) If a wall oven hasn’t been mounted correctly, there’s the possibility that it could become detached and crash to the floor, along with your dinner. It’s not a pretty sight.

When you’re dealing with appliances that require gas, it should almost certainly be a given that you not attempt an installation yourself. Natural gas can be extremely hazardous when it’s not handled correctly since it is highly flammable and can lead to serious injury or even death if mishandled. When you trust a professional it is much easier to avoid gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even accidental explosions, since they’ve been properly trained on how to install gas lines safely and correctly.

Additionally, some larger appliances need to be installed in compliance with specific regulations or building codes. In order to be compliant with these regulations, a professional installation is required, so don’t take your chances with an unnecessary self-installation.

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Best Reasons to Hire a Professional Installer

Maximize Your Appliance Performance

When your new or replacement appliance is professionally installed by Bailey’s Appliance Repair & Installation, we ensure that your appliance is performing to the best of its ability. We have a huge breadth of knowledge when it comes to almost all major brands of appliances, and we know how each should be functioning, and we can make the necessary adjustments in the event of a problem.

We Have the Equipment Necessary for Moving Appliances

Large home appliances are not exactly easy to move around, especially if you don’t have the necessary tools to get the job done. It’s entirely too easy for someone to accidentally injure themselves trying to maneuver a fridge or washer/dryer combo. We’re all used to appliances simply sitting where they are and operating as they’re supposed to, and we rarely consider just how heavy these appliances actually are. Avoid straining your back or dropping an oven on your foot and trust a professional installation team to do the heavy lifting for you. Our technicians are able-bodied and have all of the necessary equipment to easily move large appliances from point A to B.

Protect Your Home from Accidental Damage

As we mentioned before, most household appliances are very heavy, and navigating them around corners or down hallways can be tricky. We have the advantage of the experience that comes with moving appliances like refrigerators and ovens every single day. We’re able to safely move these appliances without scuffing up your floors, banging into countertops, or accidentally adding ventilation to your walls. Save yourself from the money you could be wasting on unnecessary repairs to your home by trusting an agile, experienced installation team. You shouldn’t have to worry about your home or your new appliances getting damaged from the installation process.

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